Consulting case studies

Installation and configuration of a complex data management tool

The Client acquired complex data management tool but needed guidance on how to install and configure the tool to maximize its abilities within their mainframe environment.

Target Operating Model

A major high street mortgage lender was developing a programme plan for an important new business initiative. This included designing a detailed organisation structure to support the governance, conduct and operations of the programme. The initiative would have a significant impact on both the retail and wholesale sides of the organisation. But there was a potential disconnect between the objectives of the retail side of the business, which regarded the initiative as an opportunity to develop new business lines and to expand the customer base; and the corporate treasury, which saw the initiative as providing opportunities for more sophisticated financial engineering.

Portfolio management software

Group IT function of a FTSE100 company had more than 3,000 resources, based both on- and off-shore. There was significant reliance on contract staff within the systems development area, with a relatively high turn-over of staff. The client was concerned that management information regarding the Development Portfolio was unreliable. In particular, there was a belief that the Portfolio Management software – a market-leading package – was inadequate for the client’s purpose, and steps had already been undertaken to identify alternative tools.

Change portfolio

A large mutual financial organisation had an issue with the delivery of its change portfolio and had a sense that there was a break in its change process. eacg were engaged to support senior and executive management identify and challenge blocks to effective change management.

Group security and fraud

Systems used to support the business issues within Group Security and Fraud.

This document is 3 case studies from two large retail banks and a large building society. The case studies look at the programmes, the business issues, the software used to support the solution and the results.

Group security and fraud (pdf)