Teams & Interims case studies

Large retail bank – Teams

The client was the product of several mergers. This had resulted in an operational legacy under which activities were dispersed over a number of sites.

The inefficiencies and duplication that this caused were being particularly felt in the client’s significant consumer lending operations.

Mortgage securitisation – Teams

One of the Top 5 Mortgage Banks in the UK wished to diversify its funding sources and make better use of its capital by moving mortgages off balance sheet whilst retaining the customer relationship. It was the only one of the top-10 UK mortgage providers that did not have such a capability. The challenge was to establish a programme at Initiation phase and manage that programme to a successful delivery.

Change portfolio – Teams

A large mutual financial organisation had an issue with the delivery of its change portfolio and had a sense that there was a break in its change process. eacg were engaged to support senior and executive management identify and challenge blocks to effective change management.

Programme office – Interims

A retail bank had an Internet capability in place that was deemed to be limited and not future proof; coupled with that the internet originating processes (e.g. Change of customer address) were not straight-through resulting in dis-joined processes and additional cost. Research highlighted there were gaps in the customer experience – this was not satisfactory.