Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a way of helping businesses find the talent and skill they need to deal with Change Projects and Programmes in their organisation.

The flexibility it offers companies to grow or reduce staffing numbers quickly is the main reason why staff augmentation is increasingly seen as an important tool in the Change Manager’s toolkit.

The trend is occurring not only because of the opportunity to reduce staffing costs but also because it provides a Business Manager with key additional expertise which may be lacking within his or her organisation.

eacg can help with Staff Augmentation from a single individual to a large team of expert Consultants.

We also have established business partnerships and alliances to extend our expertise into other niche areas and specialisms so we can offer you the best consultants at all levels.

We follow a simple plan with our clients to ensure we deliver to your expectations:

We take a detailed brief that may encompass the role, the project and how it impacts on Business As Usual activities, the skill set required and the personnel culture of the team to ensure a good fit.

We discuss the brief with relevant Consultants and put forward those who are best suited for the role. All our Consultants are positively vetted ahead of any placement for full compliance.

We encourage our Consultants to knowledge share with you when in place, and we maintain on-going contact with them and you for the duration of the project or programme.

Our unique Expert Panel and Consultant Board processes enable us to challenge thinking and seed best practices. These together with internal support and coaching mechanisms are strong factors in attracting and retaining some of the best Subject Matter Experts in the industry.

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